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Sue Pine, Holistic Practitioner / Life Coach / Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) / Health and Wellness Advocate

Find your life's purpose through God's Healing Energy


Find Your Purpose - Find Your Joy!

Have you ever said I just want to be happy?

Do you sometimes feel like something is "off" but you're not sure what?

Do you feel like you have excess emotional baggage weighing you down?

You can find the clarity, confidence, and calm that you crave.

Let’s work together to make your life what it is meant to be!

Together - Let's make the jump:

cope with anxiety

From Restless to Relaxed

so you can enjoy healthier sleep and wake up with more energy

yoga pose

From Bothered to Blessed

so you can repair broken relationships and enjoy friends and family

get over social anxiety

From Cowardly to Courageous

so you can make your voice heard

manage anger

From Troubled to Triumphant

so you can be more productive every day at work and at home

relax your mind

From Chaos to Calm

so you can focus on what is important and prioritize your goals!

guidance for life and career

From Vexed to Victorious

so you can be appreciated for the person you really are

learn to keep calm

From Fretful to Fearless

so you can boldly step out and be recognized for the awesome person you are!

daily calm

About Serenities Now LLC


What people are saying when they work with me

Just knowing you're available to answer any concerns, a lot of times, at the drop of a hat, is a huge benefit .

From a former client
June 2017

You listen completely, you speak genuinely and with sincerity.

From a current client
July 2017

You make every person special, connecting with each one .

From a current client
June 2017

Just speaking to Sue lowers my blood pressure and helps me feel calm and in control . You truly have a life changing gift to help bring peace and calm despite the chaos.

February 2018

Sue of Serenities Now, LLC has what I phrase "The Gift of Soothing Calm." When encountering personal situations that have overwhelmed me, Sue taught me how to get focused and find peace in the midst of things I could not control. I appreciate her so much for this. Don't let ANYONE rob you of your peace, and Sue will teach you the tools to keep it (or find if it's gone).

February 2018

Thank You Sue!!! Your oils are amazing and have helped me so much with my seasonal allergies! And now the cold I am trying to fight off! I highly recommend everyone talk with Sue before trying OTC remedies! You are the best!

January 2016
I want to help you

I want to help you experience better health, better relationships, and more abundance in your life.

I am a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner.

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